Medela Pump In Style Advanced On-The-Go Tote & Solution Set

This model has a computer chip that creates a two mode pumping for maximum milk flow. It has a more fluttery suck at the beginning to simulate the way a baby suckles to trigger the letdown and then after 2 minutes (or earlier if you choose) it moves into the deep expression mode. The new design comes complete with:
*Bag (easy to clean PVC-free black microfiber) with integrated motor unit - the large back flap provides a work surface.
*Battery pak (8 AA batteries not included)
*Insulated cooler carrier
*Doubling pumping kit with 4 collection containers and lids
*2 standard size personal fit breastshields
*Cooling element
*Instructions & breastfeeding guide
*60 Hz transformer/AC adapter
*It comes with a one year limited warranty on motor and 90 days on other parts.

One thing you receive here is free lactation help with a purchase of a pump!

SOLUTION SET: Medela has come up with the perfect solution to selling their pumps over the Internet! With this Solution Set package you get more information to help make sure your pumping experience is a success. You are still welcome to call and ask any questions to PJ (IBCLC Lactation Consultant) too! Besides the educational material and the whole pump as described above it also comes with an Accessory Starter Kit that contains: 5 MicroSteam Bags, 40 Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags, 30 disposable Bra Pads, 2 oz Tender Care Lanolin, Breastfeeding Resource Guide and a Breastmilk Storage Guideline Magnet. And the best part is we have it at the lowest possible suggested price of $339.99!