Breast Pumps-Kits and Accessories

Breast pumps are single user products. Use by more than one person may present a health risk and voids the warranty. Breastpumps are personal care items. For hygienic reasons they cannot be returned once opened.


Ameda Breast Pump Replacement Parts Now - 60% off



Ameda Custom Fit Breast Pump Flanges Now - 60% OFF


Ameda Spare Parts Kit Now - 60% off



Bailey Nurture III Overflow Filter NOW 20% OFF

If the bottle were to fall over these filters seal off and prevent any moisture from getting into the motor. Once wet they will not be usable again and will need replacement. It is suggested to replace them every 4-6 months with regular usage.



Hygeia Breastpump Parts and Accessories NOW 30% OFF

If you click on the title you will see a picture of each item in the order they are listed on the drop down menu.



Medela Freestyle Pump Replacement Kit-Now 40% off

This kit consists of an extra diaphragm and assembly for the tubing so you can have a spare on hand and not have to wash them out as often.
Price: $15.00



Medela Lactina Rental Kit - Bag Only-Now 40% off

Styled with a designer look, the well insulated, generously cut Cooler Carrier bag has two zippered compartments - one big enough for a Lactina pump and accessories and one for cooling elements and bottles (3 cooling elements included but not bottles) - plus a zippered front pouch. There is even a special spot for your baby's photograph! The shoulder strap is adjustable (and removable). It is available only in black (even though the picture is in purple!) Only ONE left - grab it while you can!


Medela Replacement Parts-Now 40% off

These are the extra parts for your medela breastpump including tubing, breastshields, bags, bottles, valves, membranes, conversion parts, connectors, etc... Just click on the scroll down button to view the items and prices. If you are confused and not sure of what you need give us a call (888-398-7987). The tubing is especially confusing!



Medela Vehicle Lighter Adapter-Now 40% off

For use with the LactinaTM and Pump In Style TM Electric Breastpumps.