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You can nurse without them but they make life so much easier it is well worth the investment! We have been making the Cozy pillow long before the other brand came out (Boppy) but ours won't compress and become useless like theirs! One of the big ones is a must with twins!


Birth and Baby Comfy Nursing Pillow NOW 10% OFF

This pillow was designed by a local (Seattle) mom and has some outstanding features. It is really soft and cozy and fits suggly around the waist without needing a strap. It is thicker and doesn't flatten out like the other similar brand. It also stays put whereas I have heard many complaints of the other one slipping away. It is big enough to use alternate positions and yet small enough to use in a rocking chair with arms! This pillow is also a great tool for when your baby is learning to sit up. Excellent value!!

NEW!! Exclusive Fabrics for Birth and Baby. Get your Comfy Nursing Pillow and Carinlee Slings in matching fabrics.

Enchanted-Cheribum, planets, and stars.
Music Notes-Small black musical notes on white background.
Golden Splash-Soft, sunny yellows and golds in an abstract pattern.
Sailboats-Soft neutral little sailboats.
Teddy Bears-Perfect for the bear lover!
Under the Sea-Brightly colored underwater motif.
Spring Plaid-A medley of cute spring colors on light seersucker.
Lilac Feathers-A feathery pattern.
Tulips-A jewel tone tulip pattern.
Dots-flannel-white with small black dots of varying sizes
Denim Flowers - light blue background with darker blue floral pattern.
Zoo Animals-bright cheery colors of fun zoo animals
Denim-100% tencel
All Fabrics (with a few noted exceptions)- 100% Cotton, Machine Wash Warm/Tumble Dry



Comfort U Body Support Pillow

Sorry, this pillow company is gone so all that is left is a couple of the pillow cases. . .

Pregnant or Not... Discover total body support with Comfort-U. This generously oversized U-shaped pillow is long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body while you sleep. The Comfort-U cradles your body to help eliminate tossing and turning, keeping your neck, shoulders, back and hips aligned all night long. Whether you sleep on your side or your back, you'll find the Comfort-U is the perfect pillow for you. The Comfort-U pillow also makes a great back support for reading, nursing, or watching TV.

The Comfort-U enhances comfort and support during pregnancy. One consumer wrote: "I was absolutely miserable trying to sleep during my first pregnancy. Fortunately, during my second pregnancy, I found the Comfort-U body pillow. During the last two trimesters of my pregnancy, I slept with my Comfort-U every night. It made those last months much more comfortable and enjoyable. The pillow was a life-saver!"

Your Comfort-U is filled with a premium fiber called Fusion??? fiberfill . A guarantee of perfect comfort for years to come, Fusion??? fiberfill is soft, durable and pain-relieving. Because Fusion??? fiberfill's physical structure, known to scientists as "extended polymer," allows air to flow freely through it, your Comfort-U will never flatten, clump or lump. Simply fluff it up for that "just-new" softness every time.

In addition, Fusion??? fiberfill has health benefits that surpass other types of fillers, even the best polyester fiberfills. Independent studies have proven that Fusion??? fiberfill produces the least amount of pressure against the skin, decreasing pain and increasing oxygen flow through the capillaries of the skin. Most body pillows are filled with polyester, foam or feathers. Polyester is odorless, as is Fusion??? fiberfill; but unlike polyester, foam or feathers, Fusion??? fiberfill also stays fluffy, is machine washable, remains hygienically clean, remains hypoallergenic and is flame resistant.

Your Comfort-U may feel firm at first touch if the fibers have become compressed during shipping. Simply hold the pillow at both ends and give it a few quick shakes to circulate air through the fibers. You'll find your Comfort-U to be one of the softest pillows you will ever own... and it will actually become softer with every use!

You can machine wash (warm) and dry (warm) both your Comfort-U pillow and the cotton-poly pillowcase. We recommend triple load laundromat machines for the original Comfort-U. Rest assured, your Comfort-U will remain hypoallergenic and fluffy, wash after wash!

One-year warranty. Original Comfort-U measures 64" tall, 10-1/2" wide (each leg) - 10 lbs. Comfort-U Junior measures 44" tall, 9" wide (each leg) - 5 lbs. It comes with a white pillowcase, other patterns and colors will be coming out soon.



San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Privacy Pillow

Special Features: This deluxe nursing pillow is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. There are so many features, including the mesh privacy cover, angled surface to help with breastfeeding positioning, detachable pillow and waist strap. The fabrics are so cute, featuring animal prints and solids. Two sizes accomodate single babies and twins.
Fabric Content: Eco*Loft Fiber (not foam)
Shape and Fitting:
Washing Instructions:
Color: Single Pillow- pink, blue, butter, giraffe, cheetah, zebra,
Twin Pillow- lime, lavender, mocha, giraffe, cheetah, zebra
Size:Single, Twin
Price: Single- $59.99 Twin- $69.99