Nursing Aids-Nipple Therapy

These are helpful tools to use when ones' nipples may still be flat or even inverted near the end of pregnancy. After birth we may need to treat tender or sore nipples.


Ameda ComfortGel Hydrogel Pads Now - 60% off



Ameda Nipple Shields Now - 60% off



Avent Nipple Shield NOW 20% OFF!

This shield has the firmest silicone nipple - which may be good in situations where just having something to grasp on to is the issue. The new design has a cut out on two sides so it won't flip up over the baby's nose in use and they can still smell the breast. The small size has returned which is what I recommend for newborns so they don't just end up with a mouth full of silicone! Box of 2. WAS $8.00 - NOW $6.40



Comfort Bags-now 40% off

These rice bags are a wonderful gift idea for a new mom. A few minutes in the microwave and they can provide lots of comfort on those swollen or engorged breasts. Warmth can help facilitate the let down reflex.

Sold as singles - Scented with orange clove or unscented. The print will be chosen for you, but if you order a set, the sets will match.

(These are samples of prints only. Each bag is approximately 4" X 6".)



Lansinoh Latch Assist for Flattened or Inverted Nipples-Gone

Helps Temporarily evert flattened nipples so it is easier for your baby to establish a good latch-on. Can be used quickly and easily with one hand while your baby is in a position to breastfeed. Small enough to fit in the diaper bag, helps make breastfeeding easier wherever you go.



Mama Rose's Nursing Nipple Care

Nursing a new baby can be a magical experience. Chamomile Butter Nursing Nipple Care is a soft, lanolin-free, almost purely organic balm that spreads smoothly onto skin, and helps to prevent, sooth and protect sore, inflammed or cracked nipples and skin. It is made from edible butters, oils and herbs that are safe for both baby and mama, and can be very helpful during the first stage of breast feeding.
Suggested Use: Apply to irritated, sore or cracked nipples or skin. Use immediately after nursing baby, and as often as desired. Before nursing baby, you may choose to wipe off excessive amounts with a Super Softee Baby Wipe or soft cloth.
When engorged, you may try applying cold compresses, or a bag of frozen peas and cabbage leaves to each breast after nursing to help inflammation, and a warm compress to each breast just before nursing to help milk let down.
Ingredients: Certified organic chamomile and calendula, coconut oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, jojoba, & vitamin E



Medela Contact Nipple Shield-Now 40% off

This style, called the Contact Nipple Shield does just what the name implies. It provides more skin-to-skin contact with an open section on one side of the shield. Sometimes the side of the old style shield will flip up over the nose of the baby. The baby can also smell mom better. It has medium firmness and comes in three sizes. The extra small size is shorter in depth also. I find this size works better on newborns. The standard size is generally too big for them and they just end up with a mouth full of silicone. The small size is great for a few weeks after the newborn but not quite weaned off yet. If they are still needing a nipple shield after 3-4 weeks the standard size is appropriate then. They all have four good-sized holes in the tip. If you need help in weaning off of the shield give us a call and talk to our Lactation Consultant. Do not tamper with the product like cutting it down slowly. This can cause sharp edges that can cut baby's tongue. They can only be returned if the packaging is completely intack and sealed.



Medela SoftShells Inverted Nipple Kit-Now 20% off

Medela SoftShells TM (Inverted Nipple Kit) The firm plastic on the outside has air vent holes just on the top and a soft, flexible silicone back for comfort. It also comes with washable foam inserts to soak up the leaked milk.



Medela SoftShells Sore Nipple Kit-Now 20% off

Medela SoftShells TM (Sore Nipple Kit) are the same as the Inverted Nipple Kit except the opening in the silicone is wider and the main intent is to keep anything away from the sore nipples.



Medela Tender Care Hydrogel Pads-Now 40% off

These cool soothing pads provide advanced therapy for moms with severely sore or cracked nipples. Each pad provides up to 24 hours of relief. Each box contains 4 pads.



Medela Tender Care Lanolin-Now 30% off

This new formulation from Medela has the same modified lanolin that has been vigorously cleansed but they added a trigylceride so it will apply easier. It comes in 3 sizes: a 2cc sachet for a 1-2 day trial, a .3oz tube which enough for getting started with one baby or a 2oz tube for those who fall in love with it and use it on everything from tender bums to dry heels.



Medela TheraShells Breast Shells-Now 30% off

Medela's TheraShells TM are a redesigning of the old Hobbit Breast Shells TM(pictured). They have a smaller firm plastic shell with air vent holes just in the top so any dripping milk doesn't go all over. It comes with two sets of inner rings - one for flat/inverted nipples and one for sore nipples afterwards. They are very small and discrete.