Nursing Aids-Feeding Systems

There may be times when breastfeeding does not get off to the best start and some sort of supplemental feeding system must be used in the interim. Situations sometimes separate mother and baby and an alternate method of feeding is required. The first alternate most people think of is a bottle, but that may not always be what is best. Sucking on an artificial teat is a very different action than that of suckling at the breast. Many babies adapt to both, but some do not - nipple confusion or nipple preference is frequently the result. This can happen subtly over a number of months. The most common reason for quitting breastfeeding is "running out of milk". We know that milk supply is directly related to the demand. If the demand is not strong (when a baby uses a bottle sucking action at the breast), the supply will diminish. To prevent these problems, you may want to choose an alternative to the standard bottle. Keep in mind that other artificial teats, such as dummies or pacifiers may be reinforcing a poor sucking pattern.

We carry many of the Avent parts and other of their products. Please look at the Nursing Aids-Avent page for further choices.

Ameda Supple Cup - NOW 60% OFF!

The Supple Cup helps gently stretch flat or inverted nipples. Baby gets a deeper latch and has fewer problems latching on. Comes in four sizes.
Price: was $24 now $9.60



Avent 2 Variable Flow Teats NOW 20% OFF!

This style teat has a slit for the opening and depending on which direction it is in the baby's mouth it will have up to three rates of flow. It has easy markings to be able to tell which rate you are on. It is ideal for thicker feeds and is recommended for babies 3 months and older. It also has the one-way air valves to reduce air intake in the baby.
WAS $1.18 - NOW $.94



Avent VIA Breastmilk Storage Kit - 75% off!

For use with the new Avent VIA Disposable System. This kit includes 10 reusable lids, 10 disposable bases and 2 reusable adaptors.
Was $15.00 - Now $3.75



Avent VIA Disposable Nurser Starter Kit - 8oz. - 75% off!

This brand new design from Avent uses VIA disposables for exceptional safety and strength. The starter kit comes with 5 reusable lids, 5 disposable bases, 1 reusable adaptor, 1 dome cap, 1 newborn nipple and 1 screw ring (extra bases can be purchased separately).
Was $8.20 - Now $2.05



BSN Mothers Milk Storage Bags

Designed for the mother who is storing her milk for her baby. A safe, efficient collecting system for freezing, storing and feeding. Holds up to 6 oz. of mother's milk and will fit the disposable bottle tubes.

Contains 25 bags with attached twist-ties and instructions for use. Individually machine sterile.



Coobie 9120 Seamless Nursing Bra

Special Features: Finally, the popular Coobie Bra comes in a nursing style!! It has a racer back for comfort. Easy one handed clasps to open the cups. A wide band at the bottom keeps it in place as well as adding more support along with the side support panels.
Fabric Content: 88% Nylon / 12% Spandex
Shape and Fitting: One size fits most (38A to 36D) but they do have a Full Size now that fits 38A to 40D/DD.
Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm and hang to dry for best results.
Back: Racer back with pull over the head styling
Color: Black, White, Nude, Medium Grey and Heavenly Pink (this color in regular size only)
Size: One Size fits 32A to 36D
Full Size fits 38A to 40D/DD
Price: One Size is $22.00 - Full Size is $24.00



KidCo Baby Food Mills-Now 40% off

You can make baby foods far more economically and be sure of their nutritional value, with the KidCo Food Mill (formerly known as Happy Baby Food Grinder). Your baby enjoys the fresh, wholesome goodness of home-cooked foods - blended perfectly for a balance of smooth puree and essential bulk.

The KidCo Food Mill is safe, economical and portable. Developed for a doctor to assure healthy baby diets with natural flavors and nutrients, you will also benefit by saving the cost of store-bought baby food. Turn nutritious table food into healthy baby food instantly. The convenient Travel Tote makes it easy to travel anywhere although both models come with a snap on lid to keep any leftovers contained until you are ready to put it in the dishwasher. All the plastic is BPA/Phthalate free! May be sterilized. Meets FDA specifications - won't break, chip or crack. Cutters are of high quality, medical grade stainless steel. It is also upgraded with a non-skid grip and base!

The Electric model comes with a 2 cup bowl, a turbo button for pulsating rotations and a blending attachment for more thorough mixing.


Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer Bags-Now 10% off

One roll consists of 50 bags. With the 7oz. bags you will also need the 7oz. tubing extender.


Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System Trainer Units-Now 20% off

Extra Nursing Trainer Units are handy to have on hand so several bags can be made up ahead of time for the day!



Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System-Now 10% off

Lact-Aid Nursing Trainer System (NTS) supplements baby at the breast, trains suckling, provides oral physical therapy and builds milk supply. Single and Double units are available. Both kits have 1 each: Adjustable Neck Strap, Bag-Filling Bracket, Funnel, Formula Strainer, Bulb type Cleaning Syringe and Instruction book. The Standard kit has one nursing trainer unit and 50 bags (a one week supply for a baby nursing 8 times a day) for short term use. The Deluxe kit is what you need for long term use as it has two nursing trainer units and 100 Nursing Bags (a two week supply - to get you started). All parts of this unit are BPA free! The purchase of this item includes help from PJ (Board Certified Lactation Consultant) - if you have any questions just ask! 1-509-677-5177 or 1-509-771-2614.



Medela Baby Cup Feeder- Now 10% off

Specialty feeding device for use when cup feeding is recommended. This small 40ml polypropylene cup (DEHP & BPA free), with graduations for both ounces and milliliters, features a smooth lip for baby's tender mouth. Snap fit lip allows for storage and a write on surface for easy labeling. Medela packages them in a package of 5 but that is usually not needed so I am offering them singly.



Medela Hypoallergenic Tape-Now 20% off

This gentle tape will stick to skin when needed but not cause any irritation when removed! Great for keeping supplemental tubes in place.



Medela SoftFeeder-Now 40% off

This feeder has a soft silicone cup spout and offers the ease of a bottle for those who may feel uncomfortable using a straight cup. A special reservoir controls fluid unlike regular cups. Because it is not yet, mass produced, it is still quite expensive, however, if you have a smart baby who refuses a bottle - and you have to find something that works - price becomes a very small issue.



Medela Special Needs Feeders-Now 40% off

Formerly this was called the Haberman Feeder - For use in cases of special feeding problems, such as cleft lip or palate. It has a one way valve so that you can manually compress the extended teat and this will help the flow go into the baby's mouth for those that are not able to provide a seal to get suction to draw it out themselves. If you are unsure about your need for a Haberman Feeder, please e-mail or call and ask for PJ at 888-398-7987. There are three options - a regular with an 80ml bottle for most full term babies, a regular with a 150ml/5oz bottle for a little older baby that is needing more at a feed and a mini size for preterm babies. You can get extra teats for each size here also.



Medela Starter SNS-Now 40% Off

The Starter SNS TM pictured here with an 80ml bottle - is a smaller version of the Supplemental Nursing System for when the problem is minor and a less expensive, short term solution is needed. The manufacturer recommends using it for no longer than 24 hours. However, I have seen it work (with care) for up to a two or three weeks. Just squeeze warm water through the tubing after each feed to clean. If you already have an infant feeder than you can get the kit without the container.



Medela Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)-Now 40% off

This is a breastfeeding assistant for when there is a suckling difficulty or for an adoptive mother who wishes to breastfeed. It allows the baby to stay at the breast and receive proper nutrition while the problem is being corrected. Ideally, a mother can pump her own milk and put it in the feeder. As the problem is corrected, the baby draws more from the breast and needs less from the SNS. An adoptive mother will usually have to start with an artificial baby milk (unless she has a good hearted, lactating friend nearby). The suckling action will stimulate production of her own milk supply. While an adoptive mother may not produce a full supply, whatever she does produce will help the baby. And, since breastfeeding is so much more than a transfer of nutrition, she can't possibly "fail" with any attempt made. It comes ready to use in a sterile pack and the container is DEHP & BPA free. You can also get and extra container with a lid for those long term users.