Nursing Aids-Engorgement Therapy

One of the cheapest and easiest therapies is just pounding a cabbage leaf a little to get the juices flowing and pop that inside your bra! If you don't have a nicely shaped veggie like that then grate up some carrot or potato and wrap in some cheese cloth or an old t-shirt and make a poultice to lay on any tender spots.


Comfort Bags-now 40% off

These rice bags are a wonderful gift idea for a new mom. A few minutes in the microwave and they can provide lots of comfort on those swollen or engorged breasts. Warmth can help facilitate the let down reflex.

Sold as singles - Scented with orange clove or unscented. The print will be chosen for you, but if you order a set, the sets will match.

(These are samples of prints only. Each bag is approximately 4" X 6".)



Medela SoftShells Sore Nipple Kit-Now 20% off

Medela SoftShells TM (Sore Nipple Kit) are the same as the Inverted Nipple Kit except the opening in the silicone is wider and the main intent is to keep anything away from the sore nipples.



Milkies Milk-Saver-Now 40% off

The Milk-Saver is a patented new invention that will change the way women breastfeed their babies. Think of it as a breastmilk reservoir that fits in your bra cup. While you breastfeed on one side all the excess flow from the other side is collected within the Milk-Saver's chamber. You can then save this milk for later use. You can also attach a bag of your choice and collect the milk directly into it if you choose. This way you can utilize every drop your body produces and not waste any that would just be soaked into a pad. It easily pays for itself instead of purchasing extra artificial milks for supplemental uses! Check out the cool t-shirts they make in the clothing section!


PJ's Clogged Duct Busters-Gone

You will have to call me for this information - 888-398-7987 - as the companies won't let me post them on-line! Easy solutions and inexpensive! PJ



Smart Choices Breast Soother NOW 10% OFF

This is a handy tool for tender breasts - it can be used for warming or cooling therapy! The warming is great for blocked milk ducts or mastitis. The cooling effect is wonderful for engorgement! They are easy to use by placing in refrigerator for an hour or in a bowl of warm water for 5-7 minutes to prepare them. You get two gel pads and a storage bag in each box.



Sunrider Sunbreeze Essential Oil

This is my magical secret for just about any ailment but works beautifully on inflamtion from engorgment, epidural edema (yes, if you had an epidural and your feet are still swollen your "engorgment" is from the epidural not breastfeeding!), or any clogged duct or infection. It can go just about anywhere except ears, eyes and genitals. Put it on breasts just after feeds so it will be gone and not around baby's eyes by the next feed. It is also good to rub on upset tummies, sun burns, bug bites, headaches, sore muscles, sore throats (inside & out) and if you don't mind a momentary tingle it will bring great relief to hemrroids! It comes in a oil or a balm form - I love both. Remember this is not diagnosing or prescribing anything and these statements are not FDA approved - just sharing my experience from one mom to another.