Nursing Aids-Avent Products

We carry so many of these products, that grouping them together may help you better find what you are looking for.


Avent 2 Variable Flow Teats NOW 20% OFF!

This style teat has a slit for the opening and depending on which direction it is in the baby's mouth it will have up to three rates of flow. It has easy markings to be able to tell which rate you are on. It is ideal for thicker feeds and is recommended for babies 3 months and older. It also has the one-way air valves to reduce air intake in the baby.
WAS $1.18 - NOW $.94



Avent Nipple Shield NOW 20% OFF!

This shield has the firmest silicone nipple - which may be good in situations where just having something to grasp on to is the issue. The new design has a cut out on two sides so it won't flip up over the baby's nose in use and they can still smell the breast. The small size has returned which is what I recommend for newborns so they don't just end up with a mouth full of silicone! Box of 2. WAS $8.00 - NOW $6.40



Avent VIA Breastmilk Storage Kit - 75% off!

For use with the new Avent VIA Disposable System. This kit includes 10 reusable lids, 10 disposable bases and 2 reusable adaptors.
Was $15.00 - Now $3.75



Avent VIA Disposable Nurser Starter Kit - 8oz. - 75% off!

This brand new design from Avent uses VIA disposables for exceptional safety and strength. The starter kit comes with 5 reusable lids, 5 disposable bases, 1 reusable adaptor, 1 dome cap, 1 newborn nipple and 1 screw ring (extra bases can be purchased separately).
Was $8.20 - Now $2.05


Replacement Diaphragms NOW 20% OFF!

Avent has finally provided some replacement parts on pieces that might wear out before you are done using the pump. If you find the suction not quite as good as it used to be try replacing the valve first and if that doesn't do the trick you may need one of these diaphragms. They come 2 to a package. WAS $14.00 - NOW $11.20