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History and Value of Essential Oils

Essential oils are known to have been used for their tharaputic value beginning with the Ancient Egyptians before the birth of Christ. Although in Europe the tharapeutic use of essential oils has a very long history, they have only recently been "rediscovered" and scientifically studied in the United States. At the beginning of what we regard as the scientific age, and when scientific study was undertaken for medical purposes, essential oils as well as other non-allopatic forms of healing substances and modalities fell out of favor. Research into their usefulness virtually stopped. In the past few years, however, research into essential oil chemistry and other complimentary medical fields has resumed. Researchers are documenting the efficacy and safety of theraputic grade essential oils, even for use with pregnant mothers and infants.

What exactly is an essential oil? Essential oils are subtle, volatile liquids distilled from various parts of shrubs, flowers, and trees. They are oxygenating and help carry nutrients to all parts of the body. Essential oils have a long list of therapeutic properties. They may be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, calming, energizing, balancing, aid in digestion, endocrine function, and much more.

How would one identify therapeutic grade oils versus poor grade or perfume oils? It is both simple and difficult. It is foolish and inaccurate for humans to rely on our own senses to detect the differences. Unfortunately the vast majority of products labled essential oils, even those including the word "pure", simply are not whole, complete, unadulterated, high quality substances. Labeling regulations for products such as this leave much to the discretion to the producer. Young Living Essential Oils is the only company in the United States that employs in-house as well as independant testing to varify the quality of every batch of oil they bottle and sell. Furthermore, it is the only company to have earned the demanding AFNOR (Association French Normalization Regulation) and ISO (International Standards Organization) certification issued by the French essential oils medical governing board. Therefore, to be assured of therapeutic quality, always look for the AFNOR symbol on the label.

Pregnancy and Delivery

Following are situation where essential oils may be used for wellness and comfort from morning sickness through delivery. Underlined and capitalized names indicate proprietary blends. Asterisks (*) indicate oils to be used with caution.
10 drops lavender, 10 orange, 2 majoram, 2 cedarwood, 1 roman charmomile in 4 oz. almond oil for massage, or added to bath water.
Avoid Episotomy:
Three or 4 drops Gentle Baby or geranium neat (not diluted) or added to 1 Tbs. olive oil massaged into perineum frequently from onset of labor to delivery. Also used to avoid stretch marks during gestation.
6 drops roman chamomile, 6 geranium, 6 lavender in 2 oz. almond oil for massage or in bath.
2 drops each helichrysum and Gentle Baby together neat on lower back as often as desired.
High Blood Pressure:
8-10 drops Aroma Life in 2 oz. almond oil massaged over heart area. *Avoid hyssop, rosemary, sage, thyme, and possibly peppermint.
peppermint, ginger, spearmint, or M-Grain. Drink 1 drop in glass of water, or apply behind ears, jaw bone, over belly, on soles of feet, palms on hands (rub together and smell), and/or on pillow.
Premature Labor:
To stop--Lavender neat rubbed on tummy as often as desired.
Labor (during):
Gentle Baby neat on ankles, hands, back of neck, over heart area, and inhaled. Present Time to help mother focus. 2-3 drops clary sage or jasmine neat on tummy to speed the labor process. Note: only when ready to deliver, to help induce or speed up too slow labor, mix 4 drops clary sage, 4 jasmine, 4 lavender with 1 oz. sweet almond oil. At delivery, align mother's hips and apply Valor along inside and bottom of feet to balance energy flow and to calm anxiety.
Post Labor:
15 drops geranium and/or lavender in 3-4 oz. almond oil as massage for mother and baby may stimulate circulation for easier breathing, is anticeptic and anti-inflammatory, and is calming and uplifting. Geranium assists in contradictin of soft tissue to assist in healing. Both are exceptionally gentle, soothing, and healing for the skin.


10 drops Tangerine, 10 drops Lavendar. Apply topically.

Do You Have Sore Nipples?
You may be dealing with a yeast infection. Some other symptoms can be:
Shiny or flakey skin around nipple
Shooting pains up into the breast (during or between feeds)
Painful pins and needles feeling at let down
Itchy nipples
Recurrent clogged ducts
Medical Route for Treatment:
Nystatin for the baby (some docs have you put it on nipples too)
Gynalotramin for mom’s nipples (must wash off before feeds)
Diflucan (Fluconazole) to treat mom internally (may need for up to 4 to 6 weeks at $200/week – must have liver checked each week)

A Little More Natural Approach:
Gentian Violet – this is a purple solution (2-5% solution can be purchased OTC) that you swab in baby’s mouth and on mom’s nipples. Can only be used for 3 days at a time and stains everything purple that comes in contact with it. This is a topical treatment and is effective on external infections but does not treat systemically.

Easy Alternative:
Oil of Oregano
Disclaimer: We cannot diagnose or prescribe but other mothers with these symptoms have found they have good results when they use enough. Only 2 mothers in 10 years have reported the Hertzheimer effect – when yeast is killed very quickly it may cause a little nausea.
• Must be therapeutic grade quality (Young Living is best on market – some brands are not safe for internal use)
• Must be diluted (with cold pressed vegetable or virgin olive oil – 20/80 mix at the strongest)

Suggestions for use with breast/baby yeast infections:
• Rub a few drops on nipples after each feed
• Rub on bottom of baby’s feet several times a day (depending on how bad their symptoms are)
• Internal use for mom:
3-4 drops under tongue (hold for 20 seconds if possible and swallow) several times a day depending on how bad symptoms are or put about 10 drops in an empty capsule and take 3-5 times a day
• May put topically over any red or tender spots on the breast several times a day

For any other questions or if you are not beginning to get relief within 24 hours then call PJ Jacobsen, IBCLC at 888-398-7987

Young Living Diffuser

A diffuser disperses the oils in a microfine vapor, where they stay suspended for several hours to reduce bacteria, fungi, and mold, and freshen the air with natural fragrances. This is done without heating so they retain their therapeutic benefits.



Young Living Essential Oil Blends

These are full bottles of special blends the company has put together. The titles are pretty self explanitory of what situations the oils address. We do not guarantee the prices on any of these oils as they change almost monthly. We will let you know if the price is different before we send it so you can decide if you still want it at the new price.


Young Living Essential Oil Collections

Essential 7: This kit contains three single oils: lavender, lemon and peppermint, and four blends: Joy, PanAway, Peace & Calming, and Purification. This kit was created so that anyone could immediately use and appreciate the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils. All are five ml. bottles.

Raindrop Technique Kit: This kit contains 5 ml bottles of Aroma Siez, Basil, Cypress, Marjoram, Oregano, Peppermint, Thyme, Valor, Wintergreen, V-6 oil, and Orthoease massage oil. A DVD and brochure is also included.



Young Living Essential Oil Singles

These are the full bottles of each essential oil. We do not guarantee the prices on any of these oils as they change almost monthly. We will let you know if the price is different before we send it so you can decide if you still want it at the new price.


Young Living Essential Oils - by the drop

You can order now by the drop so you can get just the amount you need and don't have to buy a whole bottle. We do not guarantee the prices on any of these oils as they change almost monthly. We will let you know if the price is different before we send it so you can decide if you still want it at the new price.
This is especially nice for thrush/yeast situations. (Most people find 25 drops in a 15ml bottle with 1/2 oz of mixing oil to be a good dilution). You will also be charged for the bottle (between $1 and $1.42) depending on the amount you order. We can't diagnose or prescribe but if you know what you need or have questions about anything feel free to call PJ. 888-398-7987


Young Living KidScents


Young Living Roll-ons

Handy size and mixtures that are easy to carry with you and easy to use!


Young Living V6 Vegetable Mixing Oil

This is a basic blend that you can use to mix with any essential oil or combination to extend them and for mixing a massage oil. The suggested blending is 15-30 drops of an essential oil to one ounce of mixing oil. This oil contains: olive oil, sesame seed oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, sunflower seed oil, wheatgerm oil, and vitamin E.