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Washable Waterproof Underpad NOW 10% OFF

This pad is great for a number of uses! It can be used at home births instead of throwing away a bunch of paper/plastic pads. It is a good bed protector during times of heavy menstral flow. It can save extra crib sheet washings when you have an extra heavy sleep wetter. The small size are great for a changing pad to go in the diaper bag or for the changing table all the time!
Fabric Content: The top is a closely quilted fabric of 80% polyester/20% cotton. The next layer is a soaker which draws the moisture away from the top layer so it is dryer against the skin. It is 95% polyester/5% viscose rayon. Below that is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) layer to provide a waterproof barrier. These are designed to withstand hundreds of commercial machine washes so they should holdup for a long time using them in home washers!
Colors: Green, Blue
Sizes: 17x17 or 30x34
Price: WAS $15.00 - NOW $13.50 and WAS $20.00 - NOW $18.00