Nursing Aids-Milk Production Therapy

These are products that will help to stimulate a sagging milk supply or help an adopting mom to bring in a milk supply.


Al Kemi Tinctures

A very reliable source for tinctures that provide an alternative to drugs! Milk Thistle (when it may be nutritionally related problem) and more commonly Fenugreek (when it may be more stress related problem) help bring up a lagging milk supply quickly. Working mothers with the added stresses of returning to work find this a life saver. You will know if you are taking enough when you notice you have the aroma of maple syrup. 5-10 drops twice a day is equivalent to the recommended 2 capsules three times a day.


Galactic Gold Herbal Products - Mother's Gold

The creator of this wonderful herbal blend to help support a mother's milk supply has finally started producing it through her own company instead of through Pure Herbs. It will only be available in 4 oz. bottles now for $35.00!

Mother's Gold is a natural herb blend that has proven to make a difference for mothers who want to breast feed their babies. It has been used successfully by many mothers to:
Enrich and increase their milk supply
Feed a baby that is just learning to nurse
Help an infant gain necessary weight
Produce milk for a premature infant
Nurse multiples or an adopted baby
Help a mother to relactate
Provide a buffer when a mother is returning to work or school
Promote flow when a mother's milk is slow to come in

M. & B.-A is a highly effective herbal blend which has proven to be of great help to nursing mothers, formulated by U.S. practiced master herbalist and mother, Amelia Schendel, RD, IBCLC, MH.

Organic Marshmallow root promotes milk flow in nursing mothers. It is high in calcium and other minerals. It is an excellent wound healer and reduces inflammation.
Wildcrafted Blessed thistle increases milk flow. It is especially beneficial when mother's milk is slow in coming in. It speeds up the milk ejection reflex. This comes in very handy when helping a baby breastfeed who has become accustomed to a bottle and wants a quick reward.
Organic Fennel seed is a lactation stimulant, increases fat content of milk, helps with digestion, reduces gas, and historically helps colicky babies.
Organic Plantian herb is very rich in nutrients, enriches mother's milk, and boosts the mother's immune system.
Organic Fenugreek seed stimulates milk production for nursing mothers. It gives tone to the uterus. From Egypt to India, this herb has been used to increase milk production, and relieve ailments of the mucus membranes. Other research shows that the seeds have galactagogue effects due to lactation factors in the fatty acids.
Organic German Chamomile Flower has relaxant properties especially with nervous tension.

Suggested use: Take one teaspoonful 3-4 times in a 24-hour period before meals. Increase or decrease the amount of Mother's Gold as needed. Best results are achieved when taken every six hours at the same time every day. Note: If a mother is sensitive to alcohol, she may place the herbal dose in water overnight to allow the alcohol to evaporate.



Milkies Fenugreek Now 30% off

Fenugreek is an annual herb used for centuries to increase the production of breast milk. Fenugreek is a natural product containing disogenin, a plant-based estrogen, which has been shown to increase milk flow in lactating women to help support breast milk production.* Unlike other available Fenugreek supplements which can require taking up to 8 capsules per day, Fairhaven's Fenugreek contains a unique blend of organic Fenugreek Seed Powder, along with a concentrated Fenugreek Seed Powder extract (8:1), delivering a dose equivalent to 2000 mg of standard fenugreek seed powder in just 2 capsules a day.


Mother's Lactaflow

This tincture is a nice mix of the most common four herbs used for milk production:
Bitter Fennel (seed)
Blessed thistle
Goat's Rue
They also use some fennel essential oil.
You can add a dropper full (about 30 drops) to water 1-3 times a day.



Smart Choices Breast Soother NOW 10% OFF

This is a handy tool for tender breasts - it can be used for warming or cooling therapy! The warming is great for blocked milk ducts or mastitis. The cooling effect is wonderful for engorgement! They are easy to use by placing in refrigerator for an hour or in a bowl of warm water for 5-7 minutes to prepare them. You get two gel pads and a storage bag in each box.