Anita 5067 Softcup Nursing Bra - NOW 80% OFF!

Special Features: Simply slip your thumb into the little pocket on the strap fastener - raise your thumb - one kwik klick and the cup is open. To close, slip your thumb into the pocket and hook the fastener back into the clip. A truly one handed operation! The comfort of this softcup bra is really amazing!!
Fabric Content: Air-permeable Microfibre - 50% poly/40% cotton/10% polyamide
Shape & Fitting: Just about every shape has worked well because of the extra support piece inside the cup. However, the shelfy shape may get some puckering up on top due to the heat shaped cup and the full pendulous may overwhelm it a bit. The band sizes are average but the cups run a full size big!
Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm - line dry
Back: B-D have 2 hooks with 3 positions and E cups have 3 hooks.
Color: White
Sizes: B, C, D, E all come in band size 34 - 42
Price: WAS $44.00 - NOW $8.80
Since this style has been discontinued by the company the only sizes available are on the drop down menu.



Anita 5075 Softcup Nursing Bra - NOW 40% OFF!

Special Feature: The cups are slightly stretchy and pre-moulded (without seams) for especially sensitive breasts. The cup opens with the Kwik Klip one handed clasps. The most common comment is about the good support while hardly feeling like you have a bra on! The stretchability allows for more adjustment with size fluctuation but at the same time lowers the support factor slightly. They are fairly thin but give a nice sleek look. Look for briefs 1596 for matching panties!
Back: 2 hooks with 3 position fastening.
Straps: Firmly secured to breast support to prevent slipping back when the cup is open. The straps are elastic and adjustable and wider for the larger sizes.
Fabric Content: 80% nylon, 20% elastane, Meryl microfibre
Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm and hang dry. Do not iron.
Shape and Fitting: It has a great inside structure so even with the cup open there is still support. The fabric is very stretchy in both directions so that it gives a sleek, smooth look. This is one Anita style that is right on target with the sizing!
Color: Skin (dark beige), Champagne (light cream), Black, White, Rose
Sizes: B-E = 32-42
Cost: WAS $52.00 - NOW $31.20
Since this style has been discontinued by the company the only sizes available are on the drop down menu.



Blue Canoe Jane's Bra A160 and Jane's Plus Cup A161

Special Feature: With this bra you don't have to deal with any hardware as the cups gently pull to the side. It has a soft, covered elastic added to the "V" neck in the plus sizes, so that it will keep its shape after repeated nursing. This bra has been redesigned to have thinner straps and a sportier racer-like back.
Fabric Content: Latex Free. 90% organic cotton, 10% lycra for stretch, support and a comfortable, close fit.
Washing Instructions: Garments are preshrunk. Subtle variations in color are a natural result of the garment dye process. For the longest wear, wash in cool water and air dry. Do not expose to chlorine.
Special Sizing Tips: They have updated their sizing to state the S regular is for A-B cup the M is B-C, the L is C-D and the XL is a band size of 38 to 40 with a cup D to DD in the regular and E to EE in the plus cup.
Sizes: S = 30-32 A
M = 32-34 B
L = 34-36 C
XL = 36-38 D
S+ = 32 B-C
M+ = 34 C-D
L+ = 36-38 D-DD
XL+ = 38-40 E-EE
Cost: S-XL $36.00, S+-XL+ $37.00
Colors: Black, Naked, Natural The colors change with each season but there are few of the old colors left on the drop down menu - they may also be at an old price.



Bravado Original Maternity and Nursing Bra

Special Feature: This bra used to have snap down cups but they are changing over to the ever popular quick clips so they are even easier to open and close. It also has adjustable shoulder straps, and a pull-on sports back with wide under elastic for extra support. One of the nicest features of the Bravado is the adjustment it will make to your fluctuating sizes, especially at the beginning! It also has cups that drop away fully for complete access and greater skin to skin contact.
Fabric Content: 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex for superb breathability and ample stretch.
Shape and Fitting: The "Small", "Medium", "Large" designations are for the band size and the "plusses" designate the cup size. S(B cup), S+(C-D), S++(DD-F) = 32 - 36 band size; M(B-C), M+(D-E), M++(F-G) = 36 - 40 band size; L(C-D), L+(DD-E), L++(F-G) = 38 - 42 band size; XL(C-D), XL+(DD-E), XL++(F-G) = 42 - 46 band size. The company claims to fit up to a G cup but I have never seen a real G cup woman where it gave enough support to really lift and separate properly.
Sizes: S,M,L,XL,S+,M+,L+,XL+,S++,M++,L++,XL++ These are the old sizing - New sizing is as follows:
Original: S= 32-34B,C,D M= 36-38B,C,D L= 40-42B,C,D XL= 44-46B,C,D
Full Cup: S= 32-34DD/E,DDD/F,G M= 36-38DD/E,DDD/F,G L= 40-42DD/E,DDD/F,G XL= 44-46DD/E,DDD/F,G
Back: A pull-on sports back.
Washing Instructions: Machine washable with ordinary soap powder or detergent. Do not use fabric softener. Do not iron. Dryers are NOT recommended.
Color: White, Black, Snow Leopard, Heather Gray, and Butterscotch is discontinues but we still have a few left, check the drop down menu to se if we have your size.
Price: $35.00



CozyBra NOW 20% OFF!!

NOTICE: This Bra has been discontinue. Please refer to the drop down menu for remaining size and colors in stock.

Special Features: If you can get past the slightly unusual look of this bra you will be delighted with it's comfort!! It is very adaptable to your changing sizes. The cup slides gently to the side for effortless breastfeeding and yet easy to pull back into place. Or you can partially unsnap at the chestband for freer access without opening it completely. Easy to find without looking and with one hand also! This version comes together more along the lines of a racer back style with the straps meeting at the center back.
Fabric Content: Fabrics are 100% Cotton with Nylon/Spandex stretch lace for the straps.
Shape and Fitting: Use your bust (fullest point) measurement for the first set of numbers and your chest (around ribs under breasts) measurement for the second set of numbers for sizing:
Bust / Chest
S-demi: 32-35 / 28-30
S: 34-38 / 28-31
M: 36-40 / 29-35
L: 40-46 / 33-39

If you need a variation from any of these sizes it can be done for an extra $5 charge. An example would be using the cup from one size with the band from another size.
Washing Instructions: Machine wash cool - line dry.
Back: No hardware in the back - closes with snaps in the front.
Color: white, ecru, black, pink, light blue, grey, lavender, oatmeal and green.
Size: S-demi, S, M, L,
Price: S-L = WAS $23.00 - NOW $18.40



Fancee Free 93218 Nursing Bra NOW 70% OFF!

Special Features: This is one of the few front-snap nursing bras without an underwire! This wonderful bra has a seamless cup that ranges in size from B-E. A bit of lace where the straps begin adds a feminine touch to the bra.
Fabric Content: It is extremly comfortable and cool in a 90% cotton, 10% lycra blend, lending lots of stretch and give to the garment.
Shape & Fitting: The bra runs a bit small in the band but they have corrected the cup sizes to be pretty true to size now.
Washing Instructions: Please hand wash and hang to dry.
Back: It has an adjustable, 2-hook, 3-position closure in back.
Color: White
Sizes: B,C,D,E all come in band sizes 34 - 40
Price: Was $28.50 - Now $8.55 All that is left is on the drop down menu!



Fancee Free 94305 Nursing Bra NOW 70% OFF

Special Features: Finally someone got the message and designed a comfortable, very supportive softcup for the larger bust and a realistic size range for them also!! Instead of an underwire it has a wide foam insert that works like a sling for support. The wide cushy shoulder straps are popular!
Fabric Content: The cups are 100% cotton (exclusive of trim) and the back is 80% nylon/20% Spandex.
Shape & Fitting: It works well with most shapes and provides one of the largest size ranges available!! They run a little small in the band as you get into the larger sizes. There are a couple drawbacks to this bra. One is the wide set straps in the back - usually only a problem for those with sloping shoulders. The other is how long it holds up - proper washing is a must with this bra to help extend it's life.
Washing Instructions: This bra needs to be hand washed (no bleach) and line dried.
Back: All sizes have 4 hooks with 3 positions
Color: White only
Size: D, DD/E, DDD/F, G, H, I, and J come in band sizes 34 - 50, K and L come in band sizes 34 - 48, and M comes in band sizes 34 - 40.
Price: D - F = WAS $35.00 - NOW $10.5, G - M = WAS $38.00 - NOW $11.40 All that is left is on the drop down menu!



Fancee Free 96203 Nursing Bra NOW 30% OFF!

Special Features: This is the nicest sleep bra I have found for the price. Just enough for that little support needed at night and to hold pads in place. You can easily pull the cup aside to nurse, and if you fold your breast pad and keep it in the folds of the fabric as you pull it to the side, instead of taking it out to nurse, you are more likely to remember to reposition it in your sleepy state than grope around to find a pad you set somewhere!
Fabric Content: It is 100% cotton (exclusive of trim) knit with a double layer on the front cups that overlap at the center. It has an enclosed elastic band around the bottom
Shape & Fitting: None. . .well, almost. The main purpose of a sleep bra is to hold pads in place and let your lymph glands under your arms have some unrestricted time to do their job of cleansing the breast tissues of toxins. At half the price of most of the bras they are a great alternative to wearing out your good ones faster. They are especially nice for those few days of fullness when your milk is coming in.
Washing Instructions: It is machine washable (no bleach) and tumble dry (low).
Back: Pull over the head styling - no hooks to sleep on!
Colors: White
Sizes:S, M, L, XL. Order the same size of t-shirt you wear comfortably snug.
96204 is almost identical to style 96203 except this style is sized for 1X-2X-3X and the elastic is a little wider in the band.
Price: Was $15.50 - NOW $12.40 The only sizes left will be on the drop down menu



Goddess 1001 Softcup Nursing Bra NOW 70% OFF!

Special Feature: Double lined cups provide extra absorption and support. Cushioned shoulder straps provide non-stretch support with comfort. Drop down nursing cups with three closure settings for convenient nursing and cup size adjustment.
Fabric Content: Cups: 100% Cotton, Lining: 100% Cotton, Back: 88% Cotton/12% Spandex
Shape and Fitting: The C and D are average cups, and the DD=E, DDD=F. With a single seam across the front it tends to have a pointier shape, but is great for the round full breast shapes. It doesn't handle the FS quite as well as the Elomi but it is still pretty good.
Washing Instructions: Hand wash warm. No bleach. Line dry only. No Iron.
Back: 3 hooks with 3 positions.
Color: White
Sizes: C, D, DD, DDD come in band sizes 36-48.
Cost: Was $29.00 Now $8.70 The only sizes available are on the drop down menu.



Japanese Weekend Hug Nursing Bra NOW 50% off

Special Feature: This silky rayon Lycra is the most lucious fabric that has ever been used in a bra. It can be used for an everyday bra, but the support is more like a sleep bra. With one handed, quick and easy nursing access, and no hardware to deal with makes it ideal for night time use. The thin spaghetti straps adds to that barely there feeling.
Fabric Content: 93% rayon, 7% Lycra.
Shape and Fitting: To determine your size, measure around your rib cage, just below the bust.
Sizes: Small = 32-34in, Medium = 35-36in, Large = 37-40in, XLarge = 41-44in
Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, mild detergent, no bleach, drip dry.
Back: 2 hooks with three positions.
Color: White, Taupe, Black
Cost: WAS $33.00 - NOW $16.50



Kati Rose Sleep Bra

Special Feature: Finally a sleep/leisure bra that has a choice of band and cup sizes - especially in the larger sizes!! This is our own design and is made in house! This is the perfect bra for that first week of breastfeeding when you need to be really comfy while your breasts are deciding what size they are going to be! The cups simply pull down from the neckline where we have added a lot of extra elastic. It can even help support the heavier breasts without putting pressure on ducts and the best part is not having to deal with hardware in the middle of the night. For extra support, all sizes and colors are now available in a lined version for an additional $4.00. Keep in mind that adding the lining makes the cups a tad smaller. Unlined are perfect for just a night time sleeping bra. Adding the lining brings it up to a leisure class bra that you can get away with wearing around the house and still look halfway decent!
Fabric Content: 95% Cotton, 5% Lycra.
Washing Instructions: Machine wash warm, no bleach, tumble dry low, remove promptly.
Back: Pullover style with no hooks.
Shape and Fitting: All shapes but especially good for large cups with smaller band sizes.
Cost: $24.00 for regular, $28.00 for lined.
Color: White or Cream. All colors are available in lined for more support.
Sizes: 32-34 E/F up to 44-46 I/J - 12 sizes in all

If you usually need a longer or shorter strap size than average you may want to check out what sizes we already have in stock at the bottom of the drop down menu. If you get your bra and feel you need an adjustment let us know and we can have one made to order.



Le Unique Bra J30, J31, J32

We are happy to announce that we can get Jeaunique bras again! They are now made under the name Le Unique. The name is different, but the bras are the same.
Special Features: The Le Unique bra is unique. This is an outstanding garment for women in all phases of their lives. The patented design originated with bridge engineering where the support comes from underneath the breasts instead of hanging all the weight on the shoulder. This is the ultimate bra for support and provides more than any underwire ever made!!
Fabric Content: The cups are made from an equal blend of Nylon/Poly lace and the banderin support is made of a breathable acetate. The back is a one way stretch power netting. In spite of the fibers it is quite comfortable!
Shape and Fitting: If support is your main concern this bra is a must as you will not even bounce in it! Because of the fussier fit and less expand/contract ability of this bra, I suggest you wait on this style until 5-6 weeks after birth when you have really settled in and know what size you will be for the long haul. It is very important to read the directions and put this bra on exactly as they suggest!! I do have to be honest here and make a warning: After you get it on but before you even look down at it or look in the mirror you must get your shirt on!! It will amaze you what it looks like to have breasts up where they were first designed to be but the sight of the way it does it can be a bit overwhelming at first. I guess you will have to experience this one to understand. It does mellow and shape to you after a couple weeks of washing and wear so it will not stay quite so "pointy". It is suppose to be the same sizing structure as the regular J40's, J50's and J60's. However we have found that they fit just a bit different. If you know your J40's size for sure you may want to try out a J30 a band size smaller and a cup size bigger. We are just fine with you "trying on" 2 sizes to compare and then sending one back. If your credit card has a problem with that much you can always put a note on your order that you want them sent one at a time.
Washing Instructions: Hand wash in cool water but do not twist or wring. No bleach. This bra can absolutely NOT be put in the dryer!!
Back: The widths change with every few sizes but they are very
appropriate for the size. They all have 3 positions however extenders are available.
Colors: White (J30), Beige - a fairly dark beige (J31), Black (J32)
Sizes: Jenuique bras come in sizes ranging from 30 to 46, cup sizes B through KK, and are priced according to specific size and color choices. Once you have determined your size in my "Fitting Room" then you need to convert that into Jeunique sizing as follows:
My A & B = LU A & B to BB
My C = LU BB to C
My D = LU CC
My E = LU D to DD
My F = LU E to EE
My G = LU F to FF
My H = LU FF to G
My I = G to GG
My J = LU H to HH
My K = LU I to II
My L = LU J to JJ
My M = LU K to KK
Generally you will go down one band size in Le Unique, as they run bigger and for the firm fit they suggest.
Band Sizes: B, BB = 30 - 40 C, CC, D, DD, E, EE, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, I, II, J, JJ, K, KK = 30 - 46
Price: Range by size and color. You can see the price for each size on the drop down menu. The A's have been discontinued so only the ones on the drop down menu are still available.



Medela Seamless Underwire Style 98 Nursing Bra NOW 30% OFF!

Special Features: This is one of the smoothest shapes on the market. They have built in the soft wide shoulder pads (sizes D & DD only). The two layers in the cup give you cotton next to your skin with a nylon outer layer to keep the shape and make it more opaque.
Fabric Content: Drop cups - 77% Nylon, 23% Spandex. Inner - 92% Cotton, 8% Lycra. Backs - 94% Cotton, 6% Lycra.
Shape and Fitting: This bra creates a smooth round shape, but has been looking great on every breast shape. The underwire gives nice shaping without binding on most bodies however, as with any underwire don't settle for a marginal fit - make sure it is right! When the underwire isn't quite right many are surprised how great the softcup works and supports for them! The cups are sized right on but the bands are a tad generous.
Washing Instructions: Hand wash warm with like colors. Line dry. Do not bleach or iron.
Back: Three hooks with four positions.
Color: Nude (98)
Sizes: C 34-38, D 34-40, DD 34-40
This style has been discontinued by the company so the only sizes left are on the drop down menu!
Price: WAS $39.99 - NOW $28



Melinda G 2031 Nursing Bra. NOW 50% OFF!

Special Features: This softcup style has turned out to be Melinda's best selling bra! It has a center snap opening and satin detailing. Like the other styles, it has no seams or darts. This one is perfect for some of us that don't need a lot of bra but still need comfortable support!
Fabric Content: It is made with a fabulous pima cotton (80%) Spandex (20%) fabric blend. It is extremely soft. With two layers of fabric, it provides comfortable support while giving a little more opaqueness for the nipples.
Shape and Fitting: Some feel it is slightly flattening, however most will forgo the glamorous for the sake of comfort! It is good for every shape - even SH. We have found that for better coverage order one size larger as the cups have been running about one size smaller than her other styles.
Washing Instructions: Washing instructions suggest you hand wash and hang to dry.
Back: B - 36D = 2 hooks/4 positions, 38D - 42D = 3 hooks/4 positions
Color: White or Black (this color is discontinued so all that is left is on the drop down menu)
Sizes: B = 34 - 38, C = 34 - 40, D = 34 - 40
Prices:WAS $42.99 - NOW $21.49