Diapering Supplies

Everything you need to keep those little bums healthy and happy!


Flannel Baby Wipes

These handy little wipes can be used in many ways! I kept a container of these damp at the changing station and with a Mustela cleanser I had the best for my babies - especially when they had sore bums! I just washed them with the diapers - yes, I washed my own diapers for 6 babies! They come in a variety of prints in two ply flannel (about 7 1/2" square).



Mama Rose's Diaper Care Kit-Now 30% off

Mama Rose's Naturals Diaper Care Kit contains a wonderful assortment of all baby's diaper needs. It includes 3 Super Softee Reusable Baby Wipes (perfect for wiping baby bottoms as well as tender skin and runny noses), an absorbant Super Softee Changing Pad, Sunshine Skin and Diaper Spray, Stardust Baby Powder and Magic Touch Skin and Diaper Balm beautifully packaged in a gift box.



Mama Rose's Sunshine Spray-Now 30% off

Sunshine Spray is an exceptionally mild combination of floral waters, known for having similar properties as essential oils but in far less concentration. They are aromatherapeutic, antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Sunshine Spray can help relax and ease anxiety, while also helping to relieve and cool skin irritation and diaper rash. This is a great product to have in the car, diaper bag, and while traveling.

Suggested Use: Apply to minor cuts, burns or insect bites as a mild anitspetic and to help sooth irritation.
Spray onto a reusable diaper wipe, or if your baby doesn't mind directly onto their bottom to help cleanse, sooth and deodorize diaper area.
Spray onto a washcloth to cleanse face, hands, knees or feet.
Pour into baby's bath water for an incredibly calming, aromatic bath experience.
Use to cleanse a newborn instead of harsh soaps or cleansers.
Use as a detangler on fluffy hair days.
Freshen, deodorize, and promote relaxation by spraying a room, bed linens, clothes or hamper.
Use to gently disinfect toys.
After giving birth, mothers can spray around the vaginal area to help sooth post-birth discomfort.
Adults can use it as a facial toner or rejuvenating foot spray.
Ingredients:Sunshine Spray contains loving touches of rose, lavender, chamomile, orange blossom and witch hazel floral waters.



Mama Rose's Super Softee Changing Pad- Now 30% off

Mama Rose's Naturals Super Softee Changing Pad Exquisitly soft microfleece Changing Pad absorbs moisture and helps keep baby dry and comforted Description Super Softee Changing Pads are wonderfully soft against baby's skin. They have an absorbent layering system, which functions similarly to a diaper. Soft micro-fleece lines the inside, wicking moisture away and keeping baby dry and happy. Exposure to air can help prevent and treat diaper rash. Super Softee Changing Pads can be used as a floor mat, or put onto a changing table, bouncer, bed or other place where baby might be diaperless. Ingredients Super Softee Changing Pads are available in blue, purple, or natural.



Natracare Organic Cotton Baby wipes- Now 20% off

Babies are extra sensitive to their environments with delicate, sensitive skin and brand new immune systems that haven't built up tolerances to the type of hazards and toxins grown-up bodies easily dispel. That's why Natracare has created organic cotton baby wipes made with only certified organic plant and essential oils, and eco-friendly, plant derived ingredients which are mild and gentle and biodegradable.



Snap Happy Diaper Cover Pattern

Now your baby can have the latest in the fancy bum covers at a fraction of the cost! Just make them yourself!! The multisize pattern fits newborn through 35 pounds.



Washable Waterproof Underpad NOW 10% OFF

This pad is great for a number of uses! It can be used at home births instead of throwing away a bunch of paper/plastic pads. It is a good bed protector during times of heavy menstral flow. It can save extra crib sheet washings when you have an extra heavy sleep wetter. The small size are great for a changing pad to go in the diaper bag or for the changing table all the time!
Fabric Content: The top is a closely quilted fabric of 80% polyester/20% cotton. The next layer is a soaker which draws the moisture away from the top layer so it is dryer against the skin. It is 95% polyester/5% viscose rayon. Below that is a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) layer to provide a waterproof barrier. These are designed to withstand hundreds of commercial machine washes so they should holdup for a long time using them in home washers!
Colors: Green, Blue
Sizes: 17x17 or 30x34
Price: WAS $15.00 - NOW $13.50 and WAS $20.00 - NOW $18.00